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Kreitler rollers wattage chart

The Challenger Rollers feature polycarbonate end caps instead of alloy. They are a great lower-cost alternative to our flagship Alloy systems.

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The ride quality of the Challenger Rollers are every bit as good as the Alloy — providing the same smooth and silent roller experience for which Kreitler is known.

Challenger rollers are available in 4. Built to lastall Kreitler Rollers carry a Lifetime Warranty. Aluminum drums turned on a CNC lathe with near perfect concentricity. Instrument quality shield bearings for the smoothest, quietest ride available on rollers. Quality steel frames, welded in exacting fixtures and black epoxy powder coated. Frames fold for easy storage and transport and easily adjust to change wheelbase with no tools necessary.

Kreitler Rollers is owned by Mountain Racing Products and are available direct from the factory. Standard frames adjust easily without tools to fit wheelbases Challenger Rollers 4. Standard features include: Aluminum drums turned on a CNC lathe with near perfect concentricity.The Killer Kool Headwind Fan is an adjustable resistance unit that runs off a belt coming from the front drum of your Kreitler Rollers.

The Headwind Fan adds adjustable resistance. When closed, the additional resistance is minimal. Wide open, the resistance is high enough for even the strongest riders.

Check out the Wattage Chart for a numerical representation of the resistance created by the Headwind Fan. Available for order through our sister-site, MRP Bike. The Flywheel is a simple, heavy device to add rotating mass to your Kreitler Rollers. Running off a belt connected to the rear drum of your rollers, the Flywheel creates a more natural road-like feel. Getting up to speed takes a little more effort, and momentary interruptions to your pedaling do not slow you down as much. There is also an increase in resistance associated with using the Flywheel, due to the belt friction.

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Check out the Wattage Chart for more details. Left Side and Right Side versions are available, with no difference in performance between the two. Some people like to use two flywheels, so we offer both a left and right option. Extends the Standard frame to fit Perfect for Tandems and Recumbents.

Extends the Standard Frame to fit Are you mainly interested in developing better balance and pedaling technique? Are you a first time roller rider, or a fierce competitor looking for another tool in your training regimen? No matter how you answered the above questions, there is a Kreitler Roller system for you. Follow the steps below and you will become confident in your selection of Kreitler products. The smaller the drum diameter, the greater the resistance.

Smaller drums also create more tire friction because the roller has a smaller contact patch. The 4. Most riders can ride in larger gears and keep the wheel speed high with relatively low effort on the 4. Higher wheel speed enhances balance and provides a greater coasting effect if you stop pedaling momentarily. Combined with the Headwind Fan, the 4. For easy spinning or intense interval workouts, you can do it all with the 4. The 3. The 2. Only the strongest of riders are able to ride the 2.

If you do not routinely average over mph on your solo road rides, look to the 3. For a numerical comparison of the different Kreitler drums and accessories, please refer to the Wattage Chart.

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This chart is for comparison purposes only. Your actual wattage produced will vary depending on body weight, tire pressure, wheel aerodynamics, and other factors.

Our Alloy Rollers are available in all three sizes 4. Alloy rollers have alloy end caps while the Challenger 4.

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Alloy end caps are heavier than Poly end caps, creating more momentum in the rollers and an increased coasting effect. While the Poly end caps are high quality and built to last, the Alloy end caps maintain momentum better and are even longer lasting.

Note: Alloy end caps are recommended if the Headwind Fan or Flywheel will be used regularly. These accessories put a fair amount of friction on the belt groove of the end cap. However the Headwind Fan and the Flywheel can be used with either the Alloy 4. Every model of Kreitler Drum is available in the Hot Dog width. Hot Dog drums are desirable for the most experienced roller riders who want an additional challenge or maximum portability from their rollers.

The Standard frame works with all Kreitler drums and accessories, and covers a wide range of wheelbases. There are also two extension kits available for the Standard frame for longer bikes such as recumbents and tandems. The Kompact frame is designed for those who travel with rollers, or just need a set that folds very compactly. It is compatible with the Headwind Fan but not the Flywheel.

Note: You can use the 4. The clearance between the ground and the 4. The Headwind Fan is an adjustable resistance unit providing a wide range of resistance options depending on how far you open the air inlet. The air flow can be aimed at the rider for a cooling breeze, or directed away if preferred.A Kreitler Alloy Roller system is the "Rolls-Royce" of roller systems - masterfully machined, perfectly balanced, and designed for decades of use.

Smooth as the back of razor, the Alloy drums are machined from aircraft-grade alloy to within two thousandths of concentricity and spin effortless on high-grade ABEC-5 sealed cartridge bearings.

Alloy end caps are heavier than the polycarbonate end caps found on the Challenger series. The Alloy end caps create more momentum in the rollers and an increased coasting effect.

The difference in weight is more noticeable on the larger drums. While the polycarbonate end caps of the Challenger series are high quality and built to last, the Alloy end caps maintain momentum better and are even longer lasting.

The Kompact Alloy 3. The Hot Dog drums are 10" wide with 8" of riding space and the Kompact frame will accommodate wheel bases from 38"". With the Fork Stand, you have the option of using your Kreitler Rollers without having to focus constantly on your balance. For maximum effort intervals, single-leg drills, or sharing your rollers with someone who doesn't want the challenge of riding rollers, the Fork Stand is perfect.

Select between two heights, based on the Standard Kreitler frame. Note: The Fork Stand can be used with the Kompact Frame, but your bike will be slightly lower in the back than the front. The Kreitler Kompetitor Forkstand for Stationary Trainers allows you to remove your front wheel and mount your fork to a solid base. The Killer Kool Headwind Fan is an adjustable resistance unit that runs off a belt coming from the front drum of your Kreitler Rollers.

The Headwind Fan has several functions. The main function is to add resistance. An adjustable air inlet controls the amount of resistance desired. When closed, the additional resistance is minimal. Wide open, the resistance is high enough for even the strongest riders. Check out the Wattage Chart will open in a new window for a numerical representation of the resistance created by the Headwind Fan.

The second function is to provide a cooling breeze. The Fan unit can be rotated to point the airflow high or low, and adjustable louvers can fine tune the side-to-side direction.Post by cavendishisfat on Wed Sep 12, pm. Post by bricky21 on Wed Sep 12, pm. Post by MattSoutherden on Wed Sep 12, pm.

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Post by cavendishisfat on Thu Sep 13, am. Post by MattSoutherden on Thu Sep 13, am. Post by bricky21 on Thu Sep 13, pm. Post by Post by grid on Wed Oct 31, pm. Post by Rick on Thu Nov 01, am. Post by MattSoutherden on Thu Nov 01, am. Post by Rick on Fri Nov 02, am.

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Post by natefontaine on Sun Nov 11, am. Post by sanrensho on Fri Oct 04, pm. Privacy Terms. Join us on. Only valid for active forum users. Active means at least 30 postings within the last 30 days no spam postings. This will automatically being checked at www. If there does not appear a WW discount position when you check out you do not have enough postings! Weight Weenies Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Kreitler setup? A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.This was our first trip with Nordic Visitor and we expect that it won't be our last.

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Kreitler Alloy Rollers

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